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Sykam S3580 RI Detector parts


This is a digitally controlled RI detector, which uses a white light source. It is quite sensitive for an RI detector and gives a very stable baseline. A calibration routine is built in, (requiring glucose solutions) and it can be calibrated over a narrow or wider RI range, depending upon the solvent being used and the level of sensitivity required.

A preparative flow cell is available if required.

The detector can be controlled by the Clarity Data System.

This detector is own-labelled by several other HPLC manufacturers and sold in their own colours. So if your detector looks the same but in a different colour, it probably is!

A Sykam brochure is available for download from, under New HPLC Equipment. You can download an instruction manual as a pdf from under the Manuals tab.

To place an order: please email your order to You can use Laserchrom or Sykam part numbers.

If a photo of the part is available, you can view it and other information by clicking on the part description.

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Part Number


Part Number

Replacement lamp. (Call first with serial nunmber)
Replacement Flow cell (Analytical)
Purge Valve (Old style - call first with serial number)